Who are we?

We are Elevating Reach, as a team we pride ourselves on our service and being an important extension of your business where we can help connect you with prospective customers.

We stand as the optimal home improvement agency based in the community of Berkshire. Our agency is committed to delivering exceptional results and unbeatable customer service.

Within 30 Days, or you don't pay!

Get 5 Prequalified Leads Ready For Quotes

Our Process:

In the initial step, we collect images that highlight your craftmanship. This will be used as the foundation of our strategy, used to attract a greater number of potential customers to your company.

➀ Gather Content

➁ Launch Ads

Next, we launch ads based on the content we've collected. These visuals are strategically designed and placed on popular social media platforms to capture clients attention.

➂ Generating Leads

Finally, we collect information from individuals who are highly invested in your services. Prioritising quote ready leads and removing disinterested people that waste time.





1. Specified Targeted Reach

We adapt the ads to target your target market, to make our service feel like a intertwined extension to your company.

2. Enhanced Brand Awareness

Using ads to outreach to customers also comes with brand awareness, as people become interested in your service they may also look at your website and social media which increases brand awareness even if they don’t show an interest in the ad and remember you for a later job.

3. Boosted Sales

We guarantee using our ad strategy you will gain more leads which would lead to more jobs available and an increase in sales. How much it increases your sales depends on your quote to job conversion rate.

4. Competitive Advantage

If your competition is not already running ads then you will have a one up on them getting more sales and milking the leads from social media without a big competition. This will result in more leads being generated online and giving you guys a competitive advantage over winning more jobs.

5. Cost Effectiveness

We use Facebook ads, and the way the cost system works, it allows the use of cheaper ad options which does lower the outreach but is still an option if on a lower budget. If your budget is higher than the volume of outreach would be greater.

6. Flexibility and control

We give you guys the control of the ads through us, we will ensure the ads meet your requirements and give you the flexibility of changing and adjusting the target market and or the ad itself. Whilst we keep it successful and functional. This also means you can stop and start the ads whenever you would like.

How will you benefit from our ad strategy?

What makes us the best for you?

Our competition finish the job after they generate the leads for their clients, we add an extra step. In this step we help you guys save time by messaging and calling the prospective clients on your behalf, we will eliminate those that are not interested in your service.

Those that are we will gather information, their name, address, and any others you may need. After sending this to you, our job is done and it is up to you to close the client.